The Ultimate Men’s Dress Shoe Guide


Dress Shoe Styles 101

Know everything you need to know about menswear shoes with these three amazingly detailed and helpful charts that break down dress shoes by style, type, formality and how to coordinate. Learn absolutely everything there is to know about menswear and shoes. The average American man owns 12 pairs of shoes. (American woman on average own 27 pairs of shoes.) You’re about to become a shoe expert! 

First and foremost, you need to know all the styles and variations on shoes. Our first informative shoe chart is your ultimate resource for know the stylistic nuances between shoe styles. We divided them up by Lace Ups, Slip On’s, Formal Shoes, Boots, Straps and Perforations. Did you know that monk shoes with triple straps exist?  Discover all styles of boots including the Chelsea, Chukka, Cap Toe and Wingtip. What’s your favorite shoe style?


Formal To Casual Scale for Men's Shoes


Shoe Dress Code

Traditional. Trendy. Formal. Casual.  

Know where you stand with this informative chart that outlines shoes on scales of formal to casual and traditional to trendy.

We recommend that every man over the age of twenty have at least five pair of shoes featured above. Any combination is fine, but you should own more dress shoes than sneakers. Yes. We’re sure. The only exception is for -professional athletes or sneaker collectors.

The most versatile shoe (center of the chart) to own is the lace up brogue that can be worn with both work suits and denim. It’s a transformative shoe that plays nicely with a multitude of styles.  The loafer and the desert boot are the most casual of the dress shoes and perfect for your non work hour style. The most formal dress shoe is the patent leather slide shoe which is a must for anytime you wear black tie.

Guide To Matching Pants, Socks and Shoes

Proper Shoe Matching – Pairing Your Shoes, Socks and Pants

Last but not least, you need to know how to match your shoes. This chart breaks down the proper pant, shoe, sock pairings for Street, Street/ Casual, Casual, Dress and Dress/ Formal attire. Never guess again about what shoes to pair with your chinos or your suits.



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