Tie a Tie With a Kent Knot

How to Tie a Tie With a Kent Knot

Chances are that you already know how to tie a necktie, but even if you have mastered one of the many options to tie your tie, knowing different tie knots is important when matching the knot to the dress shirt, the tie itself, and even the dress code. Below are instructions on how to tie a Kent knot.

Kent Knot vs. Other Tie Knots
The Kent knot is the knot that requires the least of the tie’s length. It is therefore a perfect choice for taller men that want to wear a regular length necktie. Because it is a smaller knot it is great for very thick neckties¬†such as knitted neckties or 7-fold ties.

Kent Knot Instructions


  1. As with every tie knot, start out by laying the necktie around your neck with the broad end hanging lower than the narrow end. Turn the broad end over once so that the back of the tie is showing.
  2. Place the narrow end over the wide end as illustrated in Step #2 above.
  3. Wrap the narrow end with the broad end of the necktie and pull the broad end through the loop near the neck as shown in Step #3. Don’t pull tight but create a loop in front of the untied knot.
  4. Now take the broad end and pull it through the loop created in Step #3.
  5. Carefully pull tight adn style the knot to your liking. It is that simple!

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