Four Unique Ties To Wear With A Classic Blue Shirt

Red + Blue Regimental TieClassic + Conservative
We took one shirt and styled it four ways to create four individual aesthetics. Our first look is the Classic + Conservative Look made possible by the power of Regimental Stripe Tie in Red, Blue and Gold.   It commands respect and discipline.

Designer Paisley Skinny TieWorldly + Refined
Make your everyday spread collar blue shirt look Worldly + Refined with an Italian Designed Paisley Silk Tie. This luxe accessory is exotically stylish and stately stylish, making you the best dressed man in the room.

French Bulldog Patterned TieI LOVE DOGS
There’s nothing wrong with flaunting what you love. Add some canine inspired style to your blue shirts with this designer French Dog Tie made from pure silk. Not only will you look sharp, you’ll be helping a good cause-  all proceeds go to helping Rescue Dogs.

Graphic Pop Art Tie and Blue ShirtCreative + Cool
Give your blue dress shirts a shout out to Pop Art with a intensely graphic and cutting edge tie like this Pop Art Paisley Tie in wild shades of reds, blues and greens. This statement necktie exudes boldness and creativity.

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