Top 5 Menswear Influencers For 2016

Instagram Mr Kool

Mr Kool

“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.”  Mr. Kool is a creative force when it comes to curating smart-looking fashion with edge + originality.  There doesn’t seem to be an limitation to what he will try from colors to accessories to texture. He’s one menswear influencer everyone should keep an eye on.


Menswear Fashion Icon

Mr. Bilalmalik

Prepare to pause and admirer Mr_Bilalmalik’s thoughtful and eclectic menswear combinations that challenge all genres. He has what we gather to be, the most diverse neckwear collection on Instagram. Follow him and be inspired by his brilliant mix of styles and aesthetics.


Menswear Influencer - The Poshman

The Poshman

“Look sharp. Live smart.” The Poshman is one to watch in 2016. He pays tribute to timeless sartorial staples while simultaneously pushing the boundaries with modern accessories. His “new classic” aesthetic puts him at the top of our 5 Menswear Influencers To Watch In 2016.


Menswear Influencer Astute Attire

Astute Attire

“Astute Attire is a guide for gentlemen who want to live a more educated, stylish, and rewarding life.” As far as we’re concerned, he has the modern and minimalistic look nailed. He has an stealth eye for the details and an innate ability to always, always look perfectly dressed + accessorized.


Atlas & Mason Menswear Influencer

Atlas & Mason

“Atlas & Mason was founded on the belief that ambition, tenacity, and quality are essential to enriching one’s life.” We couldn’t agree more. Atlas & Mason is a stylistic mastermind when it comes to mixing patterns, modernizing the classics + creating looks that inspire. This Instagram feed is one of our favorites.


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