January 19, 2012

Top 5 Worst Dressed US Cities

The Five Least Fashionable Cities in America

bad-dressed-hippie-manAmerica is home to some of the hottest fashion capitals in the world. With cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, it’s no wonder why so many industry trends originate in this country. All this said, America certainly doesn’t have a flawless record in terms of fashionable cities. Indeed, some of the most well-known cities in the country are far off from being recognized for the fashion sense of their residents. The following are five of the least fashionable cities in America.

1. Nashville,TN
Nicknamed “music city,” Nashville has a long reputation for breeding country legends. That said, the fashion found in Nashville is considered by many to be amongst some of the worst in the country. Embroidered dress shirts, “flame-print” ties and unruly boots are the name of the game in Nashville, which doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. While the city may have quite a bit of history, it has a long way to go in terms of how its residents dress.

2. Portland, OR
A lot of people will disagree with Portland being on a “least fashionable” list, and for good reason. After all, there are plenty of young, fashion-forward individuals living in the city. The fact is, however, some of the worst fashion trends to breeze through the industry either originate or get stuck in Portland for whatever reason, with “hipster” style reigning supreme. If you visit Portland, leave your black-rimmed glasses and plaid shirts at home if you have intention of standing apart from the masses.

3. Burlington, VT
Burlington has long been considered the “San Fransisco of the East;” a fair comparison given the city’s liberal tendencies. Those who call Burlington home, however, are doing little to push men’s fashion in the right direction. Hippie garb is omnipresent in Burlington, with knit wool hats and hemp-based work pants being the norm. A lot of people refer to Burlington as being stuck in the mid-90s, and the cities fashion sense does little to craft an argument otherwise.

4. Austin, TX
The “Nashville of Indie Rock,” Austin is a city packed with culture and vibrant with youthful activity. With this, though, comes an omnipresence of “gutter punk” style that has done nothing but become homogeneous at this point. If you want to look like everyone else while still trying to act as if you’re going against the grain, Austin may be the city for you.

5. Pittsburgh, PA
“Steeler Country” may be known for its football and historic industry, but fashion-forward is something the city is far from ever becoming. Jerseys and backwards baseball caps dominate Pittsburgh fashion, with jean shorts and camouflage tees somehow finding their way into the mix. While the city’s downtown is certainly home to plenty of people who like to look good when they leave the house, you’d never know without spending more than an evening there. It’s as if every day is a tailgate, which no one ever said was a good thing.

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