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Vogue In Violet

The virtues of violet check all the boxes for brides who adore the bright inherent beauty of purples. There’s nothing shrinking about a wedding violet. This well chosen variety of purple is cultivated in sophistication and grace. Pair your wedding violets with whites, pastels and metallics and you’ll be instantly enchanted by the stellar combo. If you are looking for more ideas in purples and violets, check out our Pinterest Board for Purple Weddings. For your groom and groomsmen, we suggest dressing them in blue suits and violet neckties. Here are some of our absolute favorites.


Violet Purple Groomsmen Ties


Polka Dot Tie in Violet         |       Violet Purple Wedding Tie        |       Floral Tie in Violet 

Striped Tie in Purples       |            Violet Bow Tie          |       Violet and White Skinny Tie



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