8 Ways to Wear a Tie with Attitude


#1 The Platypus

Go for the intentional mis-step with this savvy option. What starts out as an accidental elongation, quickly becomes a fashion statement when paired with the right ensemble. Pretty soon everyone will be copying your trend-setting ways.

#2 The Peeping Tom

You won’t want to call Five-O on this friendly fellow. As a bashful counterpart to his bold, out in front brother, you’ll quickly realize he poses no threat, and simply wants to join in the fun.

#3 Mr Orthodontist

Break out your bird beak, and band pusher, and go to town! With this version of tie expression you won’t have to worry about dodging spit, and headgear; which is of course a worry for so many. You will be able to move freely, and maintain your pristine appearance making for a more efficient you.

#4 Happy Hour Hero

We all know that guy who is the first to suggest drinks as soon as 5 o’clock rolls around. Join his ambitious end of the day debauchery, and loosen the noose with a martini, manhattan, or microbrew. Is there any better way to unwind?

#5 Mr GQ

The “it” image of success, this debonaire look commands attention, and respect. This display oozes dimension, and character making for a level of alluring intrigue that will have everyone coming back for more.

#6 The Jeeves

Become the definition of a dapper gentleman with this austere discretion. Exemplary of proper form, and fashion etiquette, all will look to you as the master of jaunty dress. You’ll have so many admirers, Mr. Wooster will have to find his own way home.

#7 The WTF Kind of Knot is That?

Why, the Trinity Knot of course! Don’t put yourself in a box with other tie laymen. Break with convention and become a tie ninja like the revered Patrick Novotny, known for this intricate and intriguing construction; although I’m sure you already knew that.

#8 Office Rambo

Typically seen roaming the wild, and dangerous hallways, and boardrooms of your most elite, and cut throat companies, this tie guy means business. A deal struck with this executive renegade is not one to be taken lightly. Double cross him and you are guaranteed to regret it.

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