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The Best In Boutonnieres

30 boutonniere styles to inspire. Picking the right design for your wedding boutonniere can be one of the toughest choices you make. With the an overwhelming array of choices, you want to pick the very best look, color and scent for your wedding party. Often brides and grooms think the flower has to be white -and that’s a misconception. It can be any color and flower you want. And in fact, a boutonniere doesn’t even have to be a flower. It could be a feather or a sea star or anything else you can imagine. We created this informative guide for boutonnieres to illustrate the plethora of possibilities.


Wedding Boutonnieres


Boutonniere To Match Your Wedding Style

Coordinating boutonnieres to your wedding style can elevate your entire wedding party. We picked out nine boutonnieres to compliment the four most googled weddings styles: rustic weddings, beach weddings, black tie weddings, and whimsical winter weddings. From simple to complex, you want to select flowers and materials that emphasize and celebrate you wedding style. Always opt for fresh flowers and materials that are in season.


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