Wedding Bow Tie Inspirations

Wedding Bow Ties: 5 Bow Tie Style Inspirations for Dapper Groom & Groomsmen


While the classic necktie is still the preferred accessory for 8 out of 10 wedding parties, bow ties have been catching up slowly over the past few years when it comes to neckwear popularity. Gone are the days of the solid black bow tie paired with the gold-standard tux, and here are the days of bold-colored and fun-patterned pieces, designed to spruce up any drab ensemble. We at Bows-N-Ties took a closer look at dozens of different bow tie styles, patterns, and colors, and award the following five for the perfect wedding accessory. Pick the one that suits your style, personality, and setting:

Southern Gentleman

You don’t have to be from the south, nor do you have to be a gentleman to rock one of these bow ties. When talking about the “Southern Gentleman” style, certain bow-tie fabrics, colors and patterns come to mind. Seersucker finds itself on the top of the list, closely followed by colorful madras. Cotton and linen take priority of silks, and colors tend to fall in the fresh pastel category (peach, pinks, pale blues, light yellows).

Polka Dot Frenzy

Polka dots are fun! It should come to no surprise that many bow tie makers offer quite a large selection of pieces showing this popular pattern. Typically, polka dots are considered much more casual in nature compared to single colored bow ties. Our tip: choose a piece that only has two colors, one on  the background, and another as a contrasting accent on the polka dots. Also, choose polka dots that are smaller than 1/4 inch in size – anything larger will appear comical. For more info and matching inspiration on this pattern, check out our Style Guide for Polka Dot Ties

East Coast Prepster


Not the southern gentleman type, and also don’t like the whimsical polka dot pattern? Then how about the East Coast Prepster look, a look that is part old-school elegance and part summer-fun. Great patterns are classic stripes, paisleys, as well as textured solids (repp-texture, pique, and pin-dots). Pair these pieces with either elegant 3-piece suit, or a combination of V-neck cashmere sweater vest and sports coat. Finish of the look with a pair of boat shoes and complementing pocket square.

007 Bow Ties

After covering the more modern bow tie styles above, it is time to address the timelessly elegant pieces – the styles used to accessorize the classic black tie ensemble. Even though you will be a bit more limited in terms of pattern and color, there are still plenty of options for unique variations. The most visible way to step outside of the cookie-cutter black-tie look, is by choosing different bow tie styles and sizes. Another choice is in color and pattern. Choose either solid black or midnight blue, in either satin or matte finish. Ribbed textures, pique, and birds-eye pattern are all good choices for fabric patterns. Combine these pieces with a classic tux (single or double breasted), formal dress shirt, button studs, and cuff links. For more information on this dress code, please visit our Black Tie Guide.

Vintage Velvet

Want something uber stylish and fashionable? Then a slightly wider spread, velvet bow tie is in order. It is a style that is no stranger to red-carpet events, and it is an accessory that often times finds itself on the black-tie ensembles of celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Tom Hanks, and Hugh Jackman, helping them earn numerous “best-dressed awards”.

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