Wedding Color Guide For Suspenders and Bow Ties

Summer Wedding Color Guide

The Best Color Pairings For Your Groomsmen

Discover the very best color options for your wedding with this groomsmen guide to pairing bow ties and suspenders. These 12 color pairings are pure summer perfection. Suspenders are great for summer wedding because they add color to your groomsmen’s dress shirts without being too constrictive or hot like vests. Not only do suspenders fill up the white space on collared shirts, they perfectly frame and compliment the bow tie. This suspender’s infographic shows all the details on suspenders. The most important thing to remember about wedding suspenders (aside from color) is the larger the groom and groomsmen, the wider you want the suspenders.


Navy and Blush – A classic combination of masculine and feminine.

Black and Black – Classic, formal and timeless.

Baby Blue and Yellow – Fun and spirited. Great for an outdoor wedding setting.

Charcoal and Mint – A trendy mix that is cool and chic.

Gray and Peach – A perfect color duet for a rustic, heritage wedding.

Blush and Plum – For a brighter is better wedding. This modern combination is sizzling.

Tan and Purple  – For a calm, refined garden wedding.

Steel Blue and Navy  -A timeless, clean wedding color combo that grooms adore.

Ivory and Gray – A minimalistic combo for those couples who appreciate simplicity.

Grass Green and Green – This rejuvenating combination of greens is perfect for an outdoor wedding venue. Perfect for vineyard weddings.

Purple and Lilac – For those that love your pastels and your french lavenders, purple and and lilacs are a soft, dreamy color duo.

Magenta and Blue – A big wedding color duo for those that want color and energy. Great for DIY weddings.



For winning wedding color palettes you want to selectively and strategically choose two colors that sing when paired together.  With all the wedding colors to choose from,  there’s a million, we have broken it down to these 12 duos for your bow ties and suspenders. These colors can set the the theme for your entire wedding and are a great way for you to quickly narrow down your choices to your absolute favorites.


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