Wedding Ideas for Barn Weddings

Inspiration Ideas for Barn Weddings

Barn weddings + receptions have a distinct aesthetic that many absolutely love- including us! We have pulled together some of our favorite images for creating a barn wedding that has charm + character and most importantly, captures the essence of your love story.  We love the rustic wood grain paired with a palette of earth tones including tans, browns, creams, camels and grays. And be Explore more rustic wedding ideas on our Wedding Pinterest Board for Rustic Weddings. Also, check out our collection of tonal brown ties and accessories. Our in house wedding specialist picked out her six favorite groomsmen accessories.

Neutral Ties for Barn Weddings

Men’s Textured Tie in Wheat   |   Polka Dot Bow Tie    |   Striped Linen Tie in Walnut

Rustic Bow Tie in Browns   |   Skinny Knit Tie in Coffee    |   Textured Tie in Espresso Brown

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