Wedding Color Inspiration In Steel Blue

Wedding Ideas in Steel Blue


The Right Blue

The dilemma brides (almost) always have when carefully and intensively picking their wedding palette: they want blue but what blue is the right blue. And with the disclaimer there’s no right answer, we can easily say there’s no better blue than steel blue. Check out this calm, cool collected wedding hue that seems to go with everything. It’s confident, sophisticated and works well in all seasons and all venues. We particularly are enamored with this lovely shade of blue when it is teamed up with an gamut of soft spoken pastels and dark moody navy blues. It’s so hard to officially commit to a wedding palette, but to help you find the right color for you and your wedding party, we’ve created Pinterest Boards for an array of popular wedding colors. Check them all out on Pinterest and be sure to check out all the wedding options in a variety of blues. Our wedding specialist picked out her favorite steel blue groom and groomsmen accessories to choose from too.


Steel Blue Wedding Neckties


Steel Blue Wool Tie       |       Polka Dot in Steel Blue         |       Check Plaid Tie in Blue

Paisley Necktie in Blues       |      Polka Dotted Tie in Blue       |      Barleycorn Tie in Blue


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