WeddingtonWay’s CEO Ilana Ties the Knot

One of our favorite wedding experts has tied the knot! Ilana, you may know her as the founder and CEO of WeddingtonWay, married her husband Jeff, who she met at Stanford. We love the coral and pink hues of the bridal party and are excited to see Jeff and his men wear one of our Italian designer ties and matching pocket squares. Congratulations to this beautiful couple from the entire Bows-N-Ties team.


Inspired by this lovely coral and pink palette? Then check out our Coral Wedding Board on Pinterest for even more inspirations.

Photography by Erich Mcvey

Your Wedding Team

2 Replies to “WeddingtonWay’s CEO Ilana Ties the Knot”

  1. I am getting married in June and like Jeff, I will be wearing a light grey suit and a coral tie. I have had the hardest time finding a coral tie that works but i stumbled across this and it’s like everything became clear. Where did Jeff get this tie/ who makes it and where can i get one? Any help would be appreciated

  2. Hi Jack,
    Congrats on getting married! Yes, the tie Jeff wore was indeed quite unique. It is made by a smaller boutique designer called Cantucci – a brand that sources their fabrics from Como, Italy. Most of their collections are made in smaller batches, and once sold out, are hard to get again. Here is a link to the tie Jeff and his groomsmen wore:

    Since this one is indeed sold out, may I suggest another coral colored tie that is quite popular:

    I hope you like this suggestion.

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