Ties Coordinating Well With J.Crew’s Apricot Mist Bridal Color

Below are several tie choices that complement your “Apricot Mist” bridesmaids dresses. We compared every tie below to the actual Apricot-Mist fabric swatch to make sure the ties will coordinate with the dresses.

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More Ties Similar to the Color Apricot MistApricot Mist by J.Crew is a very pale shade of apricot. In fact it shows so little pink that we initially mistook it for champagne or cream. At a closer look in daylight however, a hint of pinkish apricot shines through. Because it was such a tough color for us to match, the choices above are quite limited. If a perfect necktie match is not important to you, then you may also want to browse our assortment of Ivory & Champagne Ties as well as our Pink Ties.Get Inspired: Accenting Apricot MistBecause “Apricot Mist” already has a good portion of tan, we recommend pairing it with a darker brown. Too plain and boring for you? Then brighten up the look with a rich plum purple (such as “Wild Plum” below), or bright blue (see our ties in “Midnight Ocean” below). At Bows-n-Ties.com you will find ties and accenting pocket squares in all these colors.