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Neckties & Bow Ties in Azalea Color

Another new wedding color for the spring is J.Crew's hue called “Azalea”. This bright and lively shade of pink is an attention-grabbing color that has spring and sunny days written all over it. Below are our best matching ties to the bridal hue Azalea by J.Crew.

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More Hot Pink & Magenta Ties Similar to AzaleaAbove are only those ties featured that best complemented the actual Azalea fabric swatch by J.Crew. In addition to these neckties and bow ties we carry hundreds of more choices in pink, magenta, coral, fuchsia, and more. Please view all our Pink Tie Assortment to see our latest collection. Also worth noting is another color J.Crew has (or used to have) in their wedding collection titled “Bright Azalea”. In fact it is quite similar to “Azalea”. For more information please view our Bright Azalea Ties.Suggested Color Combinations for Azalea PinkBecause this is a bright and attention-grabbing shade, we suggest pairing it with a neutral accent. Always elegant and romantic is the combination of bright pink (including Azalea) with white or slight off-whites. More chic and trendy is the color combination of hot pink with silver and slate-gray. Looking to dress this color to a specific season? Then for the spring we like light powder blue and for the fall we suggest giving dark browns and espresso a try.