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Below are our featured ties and bow ties that are an excellent compliment to your “Caspian Blue” bridesmaids dresses. Most blue ties below are available in regular, XL, and kid's size. Choose your favorite “Caspian Blue” tie below:

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Even More Blue Ties“Caspian Blue” is a medium shade of blue with silvery shimmer. Other names to describe this blue tone are: marine blue, denim, navy, steel blue, and royal blue. To get the perfect color match we compared more than a hundred different blue ties to the actual fabric swatch. Above are our neck and bow ties that are very close to this retailer's Caspian blue. Not finding the perfect tie? Then please also look through all our blue ties.Get Inspired: Matching Other Colors to “Caspian Blue”Caspian blue is medium to dark blue tone. It can be paired with both lighter and darker colors. For a more formal look we suggest dark charcoal as well as a tonal midnight blue. Want a lighter and livelier color combination? Then rose, pink, pistachio (or this retailer's “Wave Crest” wedding color) are excellent choices. We at Bows-n-Ties.com carry several neckties and bow ties in each color. Regardless of the colors you choose for your wedding, we are confident that we can help with your wedding neckwear.