Wedding Ties in “Dark Cove”

Below is a selection of dark blue neckties that look excellent with J. Crew's “Dark Cove” color. Our stylists have compared hundreds of blue neckties with J. Crew's color swatch to find the ones they think work best. Take a gander and see what you think!

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More about “Dark Cove”This dark navy color is commonly made by J. Crew in Silk Chiffon. To view its true color, fold the fabric swatch over two or three times. This shade of blue is lighter than other J. Crew colors in dark blue, like “Navy” and “Deep Navy,” but darker than “Tropical Cove.”Alternative Colors for Matching with “Dark Cove”This color matches well with a wide array of accent colors. Its darker hue looks fantastic with brighter colors like poppy, light pink, coral, as well as J.Crew's fresh emerald green. Additionally, always classy is the pairing of dark blues with ivory and champagne hues.