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Ties Complimenting J.Crew’s “Dark Eggplant” Purple

Below we feature our matching neckties and bow ties to the popular wedding color “Dark Eggplant”. Each purple tie below was matched to the actual “Dark Eggplant” fabric swatch. All ties are in stock and ship out within one business day.

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A Note on Color MatchingOne important thing to consider when matching a tie color to the color of your bridesmaids' dresses in the fabric. Different fabrics show color differently. For example, a thinner silk chiffon fabric in eggplant purple is more lavender in color than the same color in a thicker fabric, such as silk taffeta.Even More Purple TiesMatching ties to the “dark eggplant” fabric swatch was a bit tricky. The color is dark purple but some fabrics, such as silk chiffon, are much lighter, almost lavender, in color. We didn't guess on what ties are the best match but instead looked through over 200 different purple and lavender ties and held them up against the actual fabric swatch. Not liking any of our suggestions? Then please browse all our purple ties. You will find both neckties and bowties ranging from light lavender to dark plum purple. Not only do we offer a wide color assortment, but we also carry a large selection of designs, cuts, and fabrics. If a shade of purple is your wedding color, then we are confident we carry neckties that match!