Ties in Deep Violet Color

Are you in the final stages of wedding planning and are looking for ways to “tie” in your groomsmen's attire to your wedding color theme? If you picked “Deep Violet” by J.Crew for your bridesmaids' dresses, then these men's ties will compliment nicely.

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A Closer Look at J.Crew's Deep VioletAt first glace, J.Crew's “Deep Violet” appears bright blue in color. It is indeed quite similar to a horizon blue but with an added subtle purple undertone. The hint of purple gives this hue a very royal look – perfect for a festive and formal inspired wedding.Coordinating Other Colors to Deep VioletJ.Crew's deep violet is actually a quite easy color to find complimentary accent hues for. Great always are off-whites as well as all pure whites. For the spring we also like pastel hues, particularly soft pinks, pistachio, and peach with this rich blue color. For the fall and winter wedding season soft lavender as well as all silver and gray hues are a perfect compliment.