Ties Complementing J.Crew’s Fawn Color

Below are our best matching ties to the classic “Fawn” wedding color. Each tie below was paired to the “fawn” fabric swatch to ensure the groomsmen ties and bridesmaids dresses coordinate with one another.

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More Choices of Cream, Tan, and Brown TiesFawn by J.Crew is a shade of beige-brown. Other common names to describe this color are oatmeal, taupe, wheat, sand, and camel. Above are only those ties that are the best match to the fabric swatch. We compared hundreds of our light brown ties to the “fawn” fabric swatch and found a few ties that are a perfect match. Not finding a tie you like? Then please also browse our assortment of Cream & Ivory Ties as well as our Brown Ties.Get Inspired: Our Suggestions on Matching “Fawn” with Other Accent Colors“Fawn” will look nice with anything! It is a versatile color that can be paired with lighter spring colors as well as more muted shades popular in fall and winter. Our favorite accent colors for “fawn” are turquoise, rose-petal pink, plum, magenta, and sage green. Have fun when matching this color to other accent shades. There is no bad match for a “fawn” colored themed wedding!