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Wedding Ties in “Fresh Bouquet” Color

Fresh Bouquet is a new wedding color out of J.Crew's 2013 collection. If you are looking to dress your groom with a color coordinating necktie or bow tie, then this collection is perfect.

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A Closer Look at J.Crew's “Fresh Bouquet” Bridal ColorAt first glance “Fresh Bouquet” is solid white in color. Only when you lay this fabric next to a pure white will you see that it actually is a slight off-white. It is a bit less shiny and bright than a pure white giving it a softer and more romantic feel. J.Crew paired this unique hue with a so-called “Tulle” fabric – a see-through and light weight textile that is perfect for layering in spring and summer. Because it is so close to a pure white, we can only picture it on the bridal gown and the groom's tie. Not seeing the tie for you? Then please also browse all our White Ties . Dressing the Groom with a Fresh Bouquet Colored Tie:If you want your future husband to dress up with a tie that coordinates with your gown, then the collection of ties above is perfect. While solid white ties are a good choice, we actually like subtle patterns or unique fabric weaves. Good examples are solid colored paisley designs, herringbone textures, pique weaves, as well as fine ribbed textures.