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Green Ties Matching J.Crew’s “Fresh Emerald”

Below are our best matching ties to J.Crew's new wedding color “Green Emerald”. It is a rich shade of turquoise that is perfect for any spring or summer look. Please click on your favorite necktie below.

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More Choices of Ties in Turquoise, Aqua, and Emerald GreenFresh Emerald is a very unique hue that reminded us a little of a darker version of the trademark Tiffany color. Because it was such a unique shade, we had to compare over three hundred green and turquoise ties before coming up with the suggestions displayed above. Should none of these work for you, then please also browse all our Turquoise Ties. Also, since “Fresh Emerald” is quite similar to J.Crew's “Gallery Green”, we also recommend you have a look at our assortment of Gallery Green Ties.Ordering Samples & SwatchesNot ready to order ties for the entire wedding party quite yet? Then we suggest you order a few of your favorite neckties. If, for whatever reason, you don't like any of these ties, then ship the back and will refund your credit card within 5 business days of receiving your return. Why order a fabric swatch when you can order the actual tie instead?