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Yellow Ties that Coordinate with J.Crew’s “Frosted Citrus”

Looking to outfit groom and groomsmen with ties that match bridesmaids' dresses in “frosted citrus”? Then here are our best coordinating yellow ties. Each tie below was compared to the actual “frosted citrus” color swatch.

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More Men's Ties in Yellow & Gold“Frosted citrus” was a tricky color to match. In itself it's a bright shade of yellow but since the chiffon fabric is light and see-through, finding perfect matching neckties was quite challenging. Nevertheless, we found a few ties after comparing a few hundred different ties to the actual fabric swatch. If none of these suggestions feed your fashion taste, then please also view all our Yellow Neckties. We carry almost two hundred different yellow ties. Besides several different solid color designs, you will find skinny yellow ties, yellow ties with stripes, plaids & other check patterns, polka dots, hound's-tooth pattern, paisleys, and much more.Get Inspired: Color Combinations for Frosted CitrusBecause “frosted citrus” a bright and lively color shade, we suggest formal colors in the white/black range. Shades like pewter, J.Crew's aluminum, as well as charcoal are excellent choices. Looking for a bit more color in your wedding party? Then how about accessorizing with hues like J.Crew's dark moss, warm Riviera, or classic navy? Still not enough color? Then try adding sashes in eggplant, plum, or cherry-red. Regardless of which colors you choose for your wedding, we are confident that we will have the matching ties for you.