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Ties & Bowties in “Golden Khaki”

Below are our best coordinating men's ties for a “golden khaki” themed wedding. All ties are in stock and will ship out within one business day.

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More Tie Choices in Tan, Beige, Brown, and KhakiJ.Crew's “golden khaki” is a light shade of brown. Other suitable names for this color are wheat, oatmeal, beige, and tan. We at only wanted to show you our best matching neckties and bowties, and we physically compared each of our 100+ tan and brown ties to the actual “golden khaki” fabric swatch. We were picky with the ties that we selected and display all the best matches above. Should none of these ties suit your taste, then we recommend you look through all our brown ties as well as our tan & champagne ties – where you will find well over two hundred more choices of neckties and bow ties.Get Inspired: Best Accent Shades for “Golden Khaki”Good news! You picked an easy color to pair with other accent shades. “Golden khaki” is a chameleon that will feel at home with bright and muted colors alike. We at recommend bright shades of blue (such as J.Crew's “warm Riviera”), purples (like J.Crew's “wild plum”), rose, lavender, as well as lime-green. Also great are complimentary shades out of the same color family such as ivory, light cream, Swiss coffee, and bone white.