Gray Ties That Complement J.Crew’s “Graphite”

Below are our best coordinating ties for your “Graphite” gray bridesmaids dresses color. All ties shown are in stock and will ship within one business day.

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View All Our Gray & Charcoal TiesDepending on the fabric, J.Crew's “graphite” can be dark gray, almost black, or, should you choose dresses made from silk chiffon, silver-gray in color. Because the darkness of J.Crew's graphite can vary widely we decided to display a wide range or gray and charcoal ties above. If none of these ties excite you, then please browse through our silver & gray ties as well as our black ties. You will find gray, charcoal, and graphite ties in any style and design imaginable.Get Inspired: Great Ways to Accent the Color “Graphite”Pairing “graphite” to other accent shades is a piece of cake. Simply put, there are no bad combinations! Because “graphite” is a darker and more formal color, we like to brighten it up with livelier spring and summer colors such as orange, peach, rose, bright yellow and light blue. Always classic and elegant combinations for “graphite” are white, silver, and gray.