Dark Green Ties That Coordinate With J.Crew’s Jalapeno

Looking for groomsmen ties that coordinate with the bridesmaids' dress color “Jalapeno”? Then here are our best matches:

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More Dark Green Ties Similar to “Jalapeno”Above are all our ties that come closest to the fabric swatch “Jalapeno”. Not happy with any of these? Then please browse all our Dark Green Ties – an assortment of over one hundred neckties ranging from kelly-green to dark olive in color. Besides solid colored green ties in a variety of green shades you will find green ties with plaid pattern, stripes, intricate weaves, paisleys, and more.Get Inspired: Pairing Other Colors to JalapenoJalapeno by J.Crew is a darker shade of green. Thus, we suggest you “lighten” it up with a lighter accent hue. Excellent are ivory, light cream, and any off-white. Want a bit more color in your wedding party? Then accent “Jalapeno” with light rose, peach, or a very subtle lavender.