Green Ties That Coordinate With J.Crew’s “Key-Lime”

Did you pick bridesmaids dresses in J.Crew's “Key-Lime” green? Are you looking for matching ties for groom and groomsmen? Then here are our best matches. Each tie below was physically compared to the actual “key-lime” green fabric swatch and we guarantee a perfect match.

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More Ties in Lime, Apple, and PistachioThe selection of key-lime green ties above was chosen from over 200 different green ties. All of our green ties were compared to the actual fabric swatch to ensure an excellent match. Don't see a tie that you like? Then also browse all our Light Green Ties where you will find neckties and bowties in lime, apple, pistachio, grass-green, and other bright green shades that are especially popular for spring and summer weddings.Get Inspired: Accenting Your “Key-Lime” Green Wedding With Other ColorsIf you like a two-tone color theme for your wedding then key-lime green can be paired well with several different accents. Best are darker, contrasting shades such as dark gray, navy, as well as darker shades of green (such as “Jalapeno”, “Moss”, or “Light Cactus”).