Blue Ties Matching “Morning Sky”

Below are our best matching light blue ties to J.Crew's fabric swatch in “Morning Sky”. Click on your favorite tie below to get tips on how to best match it to shirt and suit. Many of these blue ties are also available in special sizes for kids as well as taller adults.

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A Closer Look at J.Crew's “Morning Sky” Blue“Morning Sky” is a light shade of blue with a slight silver undertone. The hint of silver gives this color a cool and more elegant look. If you are thinking about adding another accent color to this shade, then think about dark grays and charcoals, along with most festive silvers. Want to add more “springy” color and more warmth? Then pastel yellows and golden-wheat are excellent choices.Tips to Pair a “Morning Sky” Blue Tie to Shirt & SuitMost of these light blue colored ties are very easy to match. For the spring and summer we like pairing these ties with a classic summer suit made from a lighter fabric (cotton, linen, or thinner wools). One of our favorite outfits: A 3-piece suit in solid navy, a classic white dress shirt with a fine herringbone texture, a solid morning sky blue tie, a silver tie bar, and formal black oxford dress shoes.