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Neckties & Bow Ties in “Mosaic Blue”

Did you choose bridesmaids' dresses in “Mosaic Blue” and are now searching for ideas to dress your groomsmen in coordinating neckties? Then these ties below will be excellent. We compared each tie below to the actual “Mosaic Blue” fabric swatch and ensure a great match.

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More Ties in Turquoise, Cyan and Aqua Above we only feature the best matching ties to “Mosaic Blue”. Not finding the tie you had in mind? Then please also view all our Turquoise & Teal Ties – a selection of over a hundred men's ties ranging from light aqua to dark teal in color.Best Accent Colors for Mosaic Blue“Mosaic Blue” by J.Crew is a tricky color to coordinate with other accent shades. Since it is a color that falls into the Turquoise family, it will always pair well with shades of blue and green. We paired over a hundred different fabrics to Mosaic Blue and our winning accent shades are: Tan, Ivory, Midnight Blue, Navy, Apricot Mist, Jalapeno, and Dark Moss.