Ties in “Parisian Yellow”

Looking to dress your wedding party in matching colors? If your wedding color is Parisian Yellow, then these yellow ties below will be perefect for your “Parisian Yellow” bridesmaids dresses. Each tie was handpicked after pairing it to the actual Parisian Yellow fabric swatch by J.Crew.

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More Ties in Yellow, Gold, and CreamParisian Yellow by JCrew is a shade of yellow with a cream and gold undertone. It is a very festive color that could also be described as metallic yellow, buff, blond, and golden vanilla. It was a tricky color to find matching ties for. After comparing over a hundred different yellow ties to the Parisian yellow fabric swatch we came up with these suggestions above. Don't like any of these ties for your wedding party? Then please visit all our yellow neckties – a collection of over a hundred different yellow ties from many unique boutique designer brands.Our Suggested Accent Shades for “Parisian Yellow”Parisian yellow is a festive shade of yellow with golden undertone. When looking for inspiration to accent this color with other hues we recommend darker shades. Always great are dark to medium blues such as classic navy, Persian-blue, and royal blue. Also nice are shades of wine (such as vintage Wisteria), gray, and beige.