Men’s Ties in “Sailboat Blue”

Need men's ties that are an excact match to dresses in “Sailboat Blue”? Then below are the perfect matches. Each tie was paired to the sailboat blue fabric swatch by J.Crew and we guarantee a nice match.

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Many More Blue TiesAbove are only those ties that are the perfect match to the wedding color “sailboat blue”. In addition to these ties we offer over 300 additional blue ties in solid colors, stripes, checks, plaids, herringbone weave, knitted wool, skinny width, and much more. Tie view other ties similar to J.Crew's sailboat blue please visit our classic Blue Ties as well as our Light Blue Ties.Lovely Color Pairing Suggestions for “Sailboat Blue”Sailboat blue by J.Crew is a medium-dark shade of blue with a silver undertone. It is easily matched to a wide range of accent colors. For a formal look we like white, silver, pewter, and charcoal. A bit more lively and fun are accents in rose, yellow, amber, and burnt orange. Whatever your wedding colors might be, we will be able to help with matching neckwear.