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Neckties & Bow Ties in “Sunwashed Aqua” Color

J.Crew's released “Sunwashed Aqua” as one of their new spring/summer wedding hues for 2013. This pastel shade of mint green is perfect for any outdoor wedding. We at Bows-N-Ties compared more than 300 green ties to the sunwashed aqua fabric swatch and found the following to be the best matches.

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A Closer Look at J.Crew's “Sunwashed Aqua”Sunwashed aqua by J.Crew is a light shade of mint green. It is actually quite similar to another new J.Crew wedding color “Soft Mint” (although a bit more green and less blue than the latter). To accent this spring color we suggest dark grays, blues, as well as gold.Our Favorite Ensembles Using a Sunwashed Aqua Colored TieSunwashed aqua colored ties are perfect for tan summer suits. One look we can not get enough of: Light tan cotton suit, classic white shirt, one of these sunwashed aqua colored ties above, as well as a matching pocket square in mint green or classic white.