Men’s Ties in Sweet Papaya

The new color “Sweet Papaya” by J.Crew is a peachy coral that is perfect for any outdoor wedding in warm summer weather. After comparing a few hundred orange and peach colored ties to the actual fabric swatch, we are representing our best matching men's ties below.

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More Choices of Ties in Peach, Coral, and Pastel OrangeCan't find a favorite tie above? Then we at got plenty more choices of similar colored ties to the J.Crew's hue named Sweet Papaya. To see more choices of similar colored ties please view all our Orange Neckties as well as our Pink Neckties.Common Color Combinations for Coral and Sweet PapayaSweet papaya is a color that is easily matched to other accent hues. Depending on your theme and mood, you will have different choices: For a spring-time wedding with an air of romance we love pairing this hue with ivory, light silver, and other elegant off-whites. For a more vintage look we like dark greens such as olive a lot. Always elegant and season-less are dark navy, charcoal, and pewter accents.