Neckties and Bow Ties Matching J. Crew’s “Tropical Cove” Color

We've meticulously searched our inventory of 30,000+ ties to offer you a selection that we think matches great with J. Crew's “Tropical Clove” bridesmaid dress color. Whether you're looking for something solid or patterned, smooth or textured, we've got you covered!

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More About These TiesWhile not quite as bright as “Horizon” but a bit lighter than “Marine,” J. Crew's “Tropical Cove” color is right in between and can be easily matched with many different shades of dark blue. Our stock of 30,000+ ties includes over a hundred different shades of blue, ranging from a pale powder blue to midnight and navy. These ties have been carefully selected to match with the “Tropical Cove” color fabric swatch. If you can't choose between them all, give us a call with the item numbers of your favorite and we'd be happy to help you find the perfect one!Other Colors and Styles that Look Great with Tropical CoveWe love seeing this color worn with a striped tie that features an array of different shades of blue. This color also looks fantastic with dark coral, mint, poppy, and emerald green neckties. Mixing and matching different colors and prints is a great way to express your own unique style on your special day! Trying adding your own spin by styling patterned pocket squares in fun prints and folds.