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Men’s Ties in “Vintage Berry” Color

Below we display all our neckties/bow-ties that compliment J.Crew's new fall color “Vintage Berry”. Although a Fall color, this bright and lively pink hue is also perfect for the sunny days in spring and summer.

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Even More Choices of Ties in Hot Pink, Magenta, and Berry:We are picky with our suggestions! Above you will only find those ties that perfectly match the actual “Vintage Berry” color swatch. Should you be less picky than we are when it comes to finding matching wedding neckties for your bridesmaids dresses, then please also visit all our pink ties – a collection of well over 200 designs in any shade of pink imaginable. Our Favorite Ways to Pair “Vintage Berry” to Other Colors:We were a bit surprised to find such a bright pink as part of J.Crew's fall collection. Typically bright pinks, “Vintage Berry” included, are popular late summer hues. But, depending on how you decide to accent this color with other hues, it is a shade that can be worn in spring, summer, as much as fall. For the fall we like to see dark grays, browns, and dark blues with this hue, and for the spring and summer we love the combination of “Vintage Berry” with whites and light silver.