Dark Red Ties Matching Your “Vintage Burgundy” Wedding Theme

Belows collection was matched to the wedding color “Vintage Burgundy”. We compared over a hundred different burgundy and dark red ties to the actual fabric “Vintage Burgundy” swatch and guarantee a perfect match.

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More Ties in Dark Red, Cherry, Burgundy, and WineVintage Burgundy is a classic shade of dark red that is most popular during the late summer and early fall wedding season. Should none of the ties above suit your style, then please also visit all our Burgundy Ties – a collection of over a hundred dark red ties ranging from cherry-red to maroon in color. Besides solid color burgundy ties, we carry burgundy ties with polka dots, paisleys, checks, floral designs, and much more.Inspirations for Matching Vintage Burgundy to Other HuesPair this rich and elegant color with a slight off white accent – an elegant combination that is perfect for any setting and season. Best are ivory, and light cream. Want something a bit more daring and bold? Then we love pairing J.Crew's vintage burgundy with lighter accents out of the same red/pink color family. Excellent here are wisteria, lavender and rose-petal.