Ties & Bow Ties in Vintage Wisteria

Looking to match your groomsmen's attire to bridesmaids' dresses in “Vintage Wisteria”? Then here are some excellent choices. All ties below were color coordinated to the actual vintage wisteria fabric swatch by J.Crew.

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More Neckties in Pink, Purple, and RedNot convinced with these ties above? Then please shop all our pink ties and also our purple ties. Both categories contain over two hundred different neckties ranging from bright pink to dark eggplant in color. Still not too sure on what tie to go with? Then we suggest you order all your favorites, look at them in person, and then return all non-matching ties back to us for a full refund. We make wedding tie shopping easier than ever!Best Accent Shades for Vintage Wisteria“Vintage Wisteria” is a classic fall and winter wedding color. It is rich and warm in color. It is a festive fall shade that is well balanced with lighter accents such as classic white, ivory, and cream. Also great are teal, pale yellows (think of J.Crew's “Yellow Corn”), pale apricot, golden, and khaki. Regardless of your wedding color scheme, we will have the matching men's neckties or bow ties for you.