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Ties Matching J.Crew’s “Vivid Fuchsia”

BDid you decide to go bright this spring and summer wedding season with bridesmaids dresses in J.Crew's vivid fuchsia and are now looking for ideas to dress the men in complimentary ties? Then these ties below will be perfect. All bright pink ties shown here were handpicked after holding them to the actual vivid fuchsia fabric swatch.

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A Closer Look at J.Crew's “Vivid Fuchsia”“For this year's spring and summer wedding season, bridesmaids dress designer J.Crew introduced one of the brightest shades of pink we have seen in quite some time. J.Crew calls it, for a good reason, “Vivid Fuchsia”. Other suitable names for this bright color are begonia pink, flamingo, and sometimes also watermelon. Should none of our above tie suggestions suit your style, then please take a look at all our pink ties – a collection encompassing over 300 neckties from a light rose color to a dark magenta pink. Pairing Vivid Fuchsia Colored Ties to Shirts & SuitsIt is quite obvious that this bright pink color is meant to be worn on a sunny summer day. To compliment the season, we suggest tan or beige colored summer suits. Want a more formal and darker suit color? Then grays as well as classic navy blues are a good choice also.