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Men’s Ties in “Weathered Rose”

Men's ties in color Weathered Rose

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More Ties in Pink, Salmon, Apricot, and RosePink is one of the most popular colors used on a men's necktie. It is bright, lively, and it will add a fresh look to any suit during the spring and summer season. Above are ties that coordinate with JCrew's “weathered rose” picked out from over a hundred different pink ties. Should you not find a tie you would like your groomsmen to wear, then please also have a look at all our Pink Ties – an ever growing assortment of ties and bow ties in pink, rose, salmon, and rose.Get Inspired: Great Accent Shades for “Weathered Rose”We like to accent weathered rose with a more muted and subtle color. Our favorite combinations for weathered rose are spiced wine, graphite, and classic ivory. Are you looking for a brighter, more sensational accent? Then we love to pair weathered rose with “Sailboat Blue” – a great combination for the sunny summer days.