Ties in “Wintermint” Green

Looking to coordinate your groomsmen's attire to the wintermint green bridesmaid's dresses by J.Crew? Then these ties will be excellent. We didn't guess on the color match but instead compared each tie to the actual “Wintermint” fabric swatch.

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More Ties in Lime, Bright Green, and MintEach tie above was chosen from more than a hundred different light green ties. We picked each tie after holding it up next to the actual “wintermint” fabric swatch. Not happy with any of these ties and need more choices? Then please view all our light green ties where you will find ties ranging from a pale pastel green to a bright Kelly and grass green.Suggested Accent Hues for “Wintermint”This light shade of green is perfectly complementing with darker accent shade. Great are dark navy shades, royal blues, silver, and gray. Looking for a bit more contrast and another brighter accent color? Then we love the combination of wintermint with rich plum, midnight ocean, Matisse blue, and spiced wine.