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Modern Pin Dots

A modern groom and groomsmen collection featuring an intricacy woven pin dot design. Choose from 30 trending wedding hues as bow ties, slim neckties (2.75" width), and pocket squares. Kids ties and XL ties are available for some colors. Suspenders will be added soon as well.

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WATTERS' “French Vanilla”:The word “Vanilla” would make you think of a soft yellow hue. Thus, you might be a little surprised to find that WATTERS' “French Vanilla” in crinkle chiffon is more golden-tan than yellow. Instead of pairing our ties to a picture of this fabric color, we actually held each tie shown above next to the actual swatch – ensuring a very nice match. Because we were quite picky with our recommendations, we only picked out a few handful of ties. For an even larger selection of similar hued neckwear, please view our section of Tan & Cream Colored Ties.