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The Medium Blues:

Blue is most men’s favorite color. Because it is so popular in mens fashion we have decided to divide our blue ties into three different shades of blue: Light Blue Ties, medium Blue Ties (listed above), and Darker Navy Blue Ties. Above you will find our entire collection of ties in medium blues which include the colors: sapphire, navy, royal-blue, and marine-blue. All ties listed above are in stock, ready to ship.

Matching Ties in Royal, Navy, and Sapphire Blue to Shirt and Suit:

All ties from above are truly timeless and will look great in any season of the year. What is more important when matching the medium-blue tie to shirt and suit, is knowing how to match colors and patterns. To match the blue tie in terms of colors is quite an easy task because all classic suit colors will work - from light grays, beige, tan, charcoal, black, brown, and even olive.

When matching different patterns on shirt, suit, ties, and even handkerchiefs, make sure that you vary the pattern style and (most importantly) the size of the different patterns. Combining too many small and intricate patterns on different clothing items into one outfit can be look overwhelming and too busy. This means that you can wear a striped tie on a striped shirt as long as the stripe width varies. A very thin striped shirt worn with a wider 1" stripe tie will certainly work well.

The Meaning of the Color Blue:

Blue is the most calming and soothing color. Most soothing are the blues found in nature such as sky and ocean-blue. Blue is also said to portray loyalty, and because of this many fashion consultants advise job seekers to wear some blue on their outfits – the navy blue suit and blue tie is a perfect example.