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Different Shades of Orange

There are at least a dozen of different shades of orange in fashion and the fabric industry. Most designers opt for lighter orange shades in their spring and summer collections. Good examples here are peach, coral, apricot, and salmon-orange. These shades are also popular spring and summer wedding colors - where ties need to match the bridesmaids dresses. If this is what you are looking for, then we also invite you to start browsing our orange selection of men's accessories in our orange fabric swatch section.

Besides these spring orange hues, there are the much brighter orange shades such as pumpkin, safety-orange, and persimmon-orange – all colors that draw much more attention to them. For the fall fashion, darker orange shades are most common. The darker shades of burned-orange, rust, orange-brown, and mahogany remind of turning leaves in the fall, and make a perfect color on ties worn in the fall.

Matching the Orange Neck Tie to an Outfit, Occasion, and Season

As a general rule, the lighter & brighter the shade of orange on a tie the better suited it is for the sunny days in spring and summer. Light orange shades, particularly peach and coral, are very popular color themes for spring-time weddings. Darker shades of orange are best for the fall. As a general rule, the more brownish the orange appears, the later in the year it should be worn.

Orange matches exceptionally well with almost any shirt and suit color in the mens wardrobe. Great shirt choices are classic white, blues, gray, tan, and even yellow. Particularly the blue shirt and orange tie look is one of the favorite shirt & tie combination. When matching the orange tie to a shirt and suit, consider the color of each clothing item, and how it fits into the season of the year. For example, wear a lighter orange tie with a light blue dress shirt. Orange ties also look great when worn with brown. A good example are brown shoes, belt, briefcase, and/or a tan-beige colored suit.

The Psychology of the Color Orange

Orange is combines pure energy, coming from the red, and sheer happiness, from the yellow. Orange is a very positive, happy, and energetic color. The color orange is often times associated with autumn forests, harvested crops, early morning sunrise, and fresh fruits. Orange is commonly associated with good health and commonly used as a color on signs to advertise organic produce. It is one of children’s most popular colors, and it is also said to trigger appetite. It is not surprising then that the first Jello-O color was in fact orange.

Orange is commonly associated with fun and a good time. If you have been feeling a little stressed lately, than add some orange to your surroundings. Wearing an orange colored necktie will not only help you calm down, but it will also help bring out the best in people around you. In addition orange is associated with achievement, ambition and new beginnings – what better color could you choose for your tie?