Patterned Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares with Checks, Polka Dots, Paisleys, and More

Below is our assortment of non-solid colored pocket squares. You will find popular patterns such as fine pin dots, larger polka dots, intricate stripes, paisley designs, checks, tartans, and more. All pocket squares featured below are also available as a matching necktie and bow tie.

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Matching Patterned Pocket Squares

Patterned pocket squares are typically considered more casual. Typically the larger the pattern and the more contrasting the colors the more casual the pocket square will appear. Thus, Pocket squares with polka dots, paisleys, checks, and other playful patterns are excellent accessorizes for casual-sleek ensembles incorporating blazer jackets or sport coats. The tie does not have to match the pocket square but should harmonize in color. For more information we also suggest you read our tutorial on Shirt and Tie Combinations

Best Folds for Patterned Pocket Squares

Because most patterned pocket squares have a more casual look, we suggest to wear it with a more casual type of fold. Excellent choices are the “Puff Fold” and the “Crown Fold”. For more information on different pocket square folds please visit our guide on How to Fold a Pocket Square.