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Below is our designers' latest assortments of pink bow ties. Here you will find bow ties ranging from a soft blush pink to a deep and bold magenta pink, as well as any pink hue in between. All bow ties show are in stock and ship the next business day.

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Matching Tips for a Pink Bow Tie Pink is not an all too common menswear color. Nevertheless it is often found on summer pieces such as shirts, shorts, as well as men's neckwear. That being said, reserve your pink bow tie for the sunny days in spring and summer. Especially soft pinks and pastels such as blush, petal, and rose are excellent spring tie colors. Pink bow ties look fantastic with most classic summer jackets and suits including the colors navy, light gray, cream, and tan. Learn to Tie Your Own Bow While we do sell more pre-tied bow ties than self-tied ones, we believe that any man should know how to tie his own bow ties. It differentiates that man from the boy! Not sure how to tie a bow tie, then HERE are some easy to follow bow tie tying instructions.