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Finding the Right Shade

Pink is created by mixing the primary color magenta (red) with white. Obviously, the more of white is added the lighter the pink will be. Good examples of light pinks are: Cherry blossom, carnation pink, lavender-pink, and rose. Adding less white and using a higher portion of magenta creates a much brighter pink. Some good examples here are: Hot pink, cerise, and Persian-rose. Adding yellow to the mix will give the pink a hint of orange. Good examples of orangey pinks are salmon, coral, and peach.

Then there are the slightly darker shades of pink that are created by simply adding a dash of back to the mix – giving the pink a silvery, grayish look. Good examples here are thulian pink, mauve, and puce.

If you are seeking a very specific pink shade then please browse our pink swatches. All our best selling ties are available as 3x5 inch fabric swatches available for just $2.

How to Wear & Match the Pink Tie

Pink is a fresh, warm, and bright color, and is perfect for sunny days in spring and summer. Ever since business Tycoon Donald Trump made the pink tie is signature piece of neckwear during the reality TV show ‘The Apprentice’ did the pink tie gain a much popularity among men of any age.

Pink ties combine exceptionally well with any gray suit. Even popular summer-time suits in tan and beige-brown are a great fit for bright pink ties. Softer, less bright pinks, look best with light to medium gray suits. The white dress shirt is best suited. Hot pink ties also look well on gray and black dress shirts.

Besides matching the pink tie to other colors on shirt and suit, consider you own color profile. Pink ties look exceptionally well on men with lighter hair color and light colored eyes. The northern European look of blond hair and blue eyes is the perfect match for a pink tie.

The Psychology of the Color Pink

Pink is a mix of red and white and carries characteristics of each color. Red is a very powerful and intense color that immediately draws attention to it. The color pink is much softer and more tranquil, but at the same time still brings out strong emotional responses in the observer. For that reason pink is often times call a romantic. For a good reason pink is one of the most popular colors for summer weddings.