Neckties in Eggplant, Grape, Lavender, Lilac, and All Other Purple Hues

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Shades of Purple:

There are quite a few shades of purple in fashion and the fabric industry. The darker shades of purple contain colors such as: Eggplant, Purple, and Byzantium. Then there are the shades of purple that have more of a blue tone to them. These include the colors Indigo, Persian-Purple, and Violet. Finally there are the lighter shades of purple such as Lavender, Lilac, Mauve, and Amethyst. Should you not find the shade of purple you have been searching for then you may also have a look at our Pink Ties. Still no luck? Then contact us and tell us what you are looking for. We do offer custom made ties and can match very specific pantone colors.

Please keep in mind that the ties above are listed in regular size that typically ranges from 57 inches to 59 inches. Tall men occasionally need longer length ties. If this is you, the we invite you to visit our collection of Extra Long Ties.

When to Wear and How to Match Purple Colored Ties:

Purple is a tricky color for men. While some consider purple to be a flamboyant color others think of purple as fashionable, trendy, and metro-sexual. Since purple in men’s fashion is a little controversial you will be better off not wearing a purple tie to a job interview or in a conservative business environment. Lighter shades of purple such as lavender are popular colors for spring and summer weddings, and the lavender necktie is often times a perfect match to the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Shades of purple match best with gray suits, but even navy colored suits can work well. If you are unsure whether or not the color tie will work with the suit, then simply choose a gray suit and white dress shirt. The purple tie will be all the color you need!

The Effects and Meaning of the Color Purple:

Purple combines the hotness of bright reds with the coolness of blue. Purple is a color that is both: noble and royal, as well as spiritual and religious. The lighter shades of purple such as lilac and lavender are considered to be more romantic and delicate (a popular wedding color theme), while the darker purple shades such as indigo-purple, are much more royal and noble. The more red the purple appears the warmer the color will be, while the more bluish purples are much more cooling and calming.