Pastel Red Plaid 6-Pc Mens Tie Set

madras plaid menswear tie gift set
  • madras plaid menswear tie gift set
  • 6-piece menswear set in red and blue plaid
  • Standard length plaid red and blue necktie
  • Red and blue plaid pre-tied bow tie
  • Pastel Red Plaid Groomsmen Accessories

Pastel Red Plaid 6-Pc Mens Tie Set

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Bright Red
Dark Red & Burgundy
Light Blue
Checks & Plaid
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Product Description

Designer Puccini has put together a beautiful red, sky blue and brown tie set. The plaid contains highlights of grey. Included are a necktie, pre-tied bow tie, cufflinks, tie bar, lapel flower and pocket square all using the same fabric. These pieces provide for numerous ways to wear them alone or in several combinations. It's the perfect gift for any man, especially wedding groomsmen, church ushers and Father's Day celebrants. The tie is a standard size and the bow tie has a strap that adjusts for up to a 19.5" neck. It's all delivered to you in a gift box. Our price for all the items individually is $80, so this is a great deal for $28.90!

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