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Not Just One Bright Red Color

Although we already divided our red ties into three different categories, you will find at least a dozen of different variations of red within each red tie group. All the ties above fall into our bright red tie collection which includes colors such as: Fire engine red, bright coral-reds, orange-reds, and scarlet. Besides slight variation in the brightness of red choose from a wide range of designs ranging from stripes, paisleys, solids, foulards, polka dots, repp-pattern, and much more.  If you are looking for a very specific red you want matching men's accessories for, then please also view all our red fabric swatches here - all of which are available as neckties, bow ties, hankies, XL ties, in kids size, as well as vests, suspenders, cummerbunds, and more.

Dress Code for the Tie in Bright Red

Unlike black ties, no specific dress code for red ties exists. There are a few occasions however when the bright red tie is more or less suited. A good example of a situation that the bright red tie is a little out of place is a job interview. The tie color could be too overpowering and distract the interviewer from the face and eyes of the interviewee. In addition the bright red tie could be be perceived as a little to flashy. Here are some more tips on Interview Attire.

A good example of when the bright red tie is a great choice is any time the wearer wants to draw attention to him. A public speaking event is a classic example. Bright red ties are for a reason one of the most commonly spotted ties in politics. Think about a debate stage for example where candidates are fighting for attention - a red tie will pop much more than a gray or dark navy one.

The Psychology of the Bright Red Color:

Every color brings out certain emotions and feelings in the observer and the color red is a shade that does it more powerful than any other. Red is an emotionally intense color. Studies have shown that red increases heart, and respiratory rate in the observer. Nevertheless it is considered a warm color that is often times associated with love and passion. Red also has an alarming side to it that, although grabbing people’s attention, can create anxiety and nervousness. The US military for example changed the night-lighting on their battleships’ control rooms from red to blue after studies have shown that the later color had a much more composing effect on people.