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Greek Ties for Sigma Chi

This new greek tie collection was exclusively made for Sigma Chi. Handmade with much attention to detail, these ties not only look great, but also match all of Sigma Chi's branding details. Made with official licensing seal and design approved by nationals. 

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Officially Licensed ProductAll our greek branded ties, including this collection made for Sigma Chi fraternity, was made with all required licensing agreements. In other words, this collection ensures that all design details match Sigma Chi's specific branding guidelines.  More Greek Ties Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi